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TPTracker - Animation Tool

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TPTracker is a tool that will help in your animation workflow! 

Features: Ghosting tool, editable ghosts, change color of tracker, change global size of trackers, change size of selected trackers, show and hide trackers, change shape of trackers, Editable motion trail and more!

TPTracker v1.7.9:

Compatibility to Python 3 and latest Maya versions

New Features: Added alpha vertex tracking, still not stable but working

TPTracker v 1.7:

New Features: Color selection by slider or by color editor, Added fields to ghost settings, Added Ghost for active key frames

Fixed issues: Return geometry on delete all when "show both" is on, Delete useless warnings, Edit mode highlighted when is on

TPTracker v 1.5: 

New Features: Show both trackers and geometry, Manage geometry information list, Camera space and World space view mode

Fixed issues: fixed editing mode issue not working with cube trackers shapes

Overview of new features:

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TPTracker - Animation Tool

4 ratings
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